Products and Services

OpenText MBPM platform (Metastorm BPM)

OpenText MBPM OpenText is a proven solution, designed to support the full life cycle of the process and help achieve critical business objectives.
Analyses Business analysis and technical architecture projects
Business process automation Business process automation enables organizations to transform traditional, often time-consuming manual processes into fast, efficient, and error-free operations.
Service and Maintenance We handle SLA service contracts for our own implementations and take over the maintenance of solutions not deployed by our company.
MBPM Implementations Effective implementation of MBPM platform and business processes
OpenText Licenses As an authorized partner of OpenText, Adrenalina provides licenses for any OpenText products. We also deliver support and maintenance agreements for the acquired OpenText licenses.

Applications and IT systems' integrations

Web services As an experienced provider of network services, we offer comprehensive web services tailored to business clients and organizations. We collaborate with small, medium, and large enterprises as well as multi-department corporations. Through our network services, we can ensure stable connections and data exchange between various branches of the company, thereby guaranteeing high efficiency in the processes we support.
Development of web applications Designing web applications is one of our specialties. We create bespoke web applications based on the best industry practices, resulting in their high effectiveness, user-friendliness, and reliability.
Developing software for businesses Developing software for businesses is one of our core competencies. We specialize in creating tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and reliability in all our products.
Invoice workflow management fficient invoice workflow management.
ChatGPT applications We will integrate ChatGPT with your applications using the ChatGPT API on any language models.
Chambers and Associations Dedicated solution for member information management, fee settlement, and communication. Backoffice and Portal.
Software for associations Developing software for associations is one of our specialties. We understand the unique challenges and needs that associations and non-profit organizations face.
Communication and Public Relations Solution leveraging ChatGPT for preparing press content, social media updates, and internal communications.
Dedicated applications We build and implement any dedicated applications and systems.
databases, html 5, ASP .Net, C #, .Net
Migrations We are undergoing the migration of Legacy systems to web technologies.
Analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance.
Information Systems' Integration We can carry out any integration between the systems functioning in customer's office and systems implemented by Adrenaline
Manual software testing Manual software testing allows for the evaluation of applications from the perspective of the end user. Understanding the end user's perspective is one of the most critical aspects of manual testing. It focuses on assessing how real people will interact with the application, which is crucial for ensuring that the final product meets their expectations and needs.
Electronic document management Electronic document management is a system that utilizes digital technologies for processing, storing, sharing, and managing documents within an organization. It is a modern solution that replaces traditional paper-based document workflows, bringing numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, accessibility, and security.
Creating AI applications Developing applications utilizing AI models.

Other products

Oracle Licenses As an authorized partner of Oracle, Adrenalina provides licenses for Oracle products, especially in the field of databases and OSB data bus.
Scanning software We provide document scanning solutions adapted to customer devices and volumes of scanned documents.

Training and technical assistance

Consulting and service Adrenalina Consulting provides technical assistance and support services to all the solutions provided to our customers.
Training As part of the services provided by Adrenalina, we conduct training for our customers on a full range of products available in our offer.

Scanning, processing and sharing of documents

Documents' processing Services of documents' mass processing and handling
Electronic archives Automatical supplying customers' electronic documents repositories or sharing them based on our own solutions.