UPC Network Capex

Network Capex process deployment

The process of preparation and approval of financing investments for the construction of a cable network covering the full life cycle of the investment proposal.


Comprehensive investment projects from the stage of application require the involvement of the whole staff of people - employees from many different departments of the company.


In the project, the customer set the following goals:

• define in the proposal a detailed specification of the project;

• clearly define products and services required for its implementation;

• define the project budget;

• assign the project cost to the appropriate headings;

• calculate the financial efficiency of the investment based on complex algorithms;

• significantly reduce the time to obtain approval of the project in order to start the investment;

Course of the process

To this end, we implemented additional processes to complement and update the database of products and services used in the planning of investments. Another challenge was the regionalisation of customer's activity and, hence, the need to prepare proposals in the regional structures and based on budget data of each region, including the possibility of "borrowing" funds from other budgets of the company.

Only an investment proposal containing a complete specification of the investment, with specific funding sources and the cost-effectiveness ratios calculated is subject to the acceptance process.

The acceptance of the proposal is a very complex process and can consist of up to 40 stages. Furthermore - proposals drawn in the regional structures often require the acceptance at the central level, so an interaction between participants in the process at the regional level as well as in its headquarters is necessary.

The process of proposal acceptance involves even 20-40 persons designated to the subsequent stages, depending on the types of investment projects.

The acceptance processes implemented by Adrenalina Consulting are based on dynamic rules taking into account parameters such as the value of investments, compliance with the budget, the parameters of ROI, the region of origin of the proposal, the type of investment and many others.

This process also includes control mechanisms of proposal processing time, together with escalation mechanisms related to the exceeding of the set deadlines.

The process owner can parameterize all the business rules on the treatment of proposals.

The process ends when the project is launched.

Number of Cases handled





Year 2011


Year 2012


Year 2013


By automating the Network Capex process deployed by Adrenalina Consulting, the preparation and acceptance of the proposal is quick and efficient. Time of preparation and acceptance of the proposal has been shortened to 2-3 weeks, which means shorter service time by up to several hundred percent.

Currently, more than 6000 proposals a year are handled, which represents an increase by 250% over two years and the increased volume of cases is handled without the need to increase the number of the technical team.


Due to the automation deployed:

• the customer gained full control over the investment budget;

• the customer is certain that he/she is preparing an investment based on accepted and valid database of materials and services;

• proposals are accepted in express time;

• the investment process is transparent;

• all current and historical investment proposals are available online;

• paper has been eliminated;

• unreliable and cumbersome e-mail communications have been eliminated from the process of proposal building.

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